Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Now, most people know that I am not too freaked out about germs.  I like things clean but I don't really freak out about germs really.  Unfortunately, the guy at the counter didn't know too much about my apathy towards being "germ-free."

I approach the counter to pay for my lunch.  I pull out some cash, which is a rare deal for me as we prefer to rack up frequent flyer miles with the plastic, and hand it to the store-manager/cashier.

"Did you know that debit cards are dirtier than cash?", he inquires.

I'm thinking, "Do I care?  And why is he asking me this?"  Apparently he is noticing how anti-bacterial I am.  You know, cleanliness is next to godliness!  Enduring this weird interaction I look at him a little perplexed (still confused why he is telling me this) and and say, "Really?"

"Well, you know your wallet has germs, right? [perish the thought!]  Then you give it to someone AND they have germs. [gasp!]  Then they put it through the scanner and IT has germs, too!"[oh the horror of it all!]

I am really thankful at this point that the guy doesn't have telepathy as I think to myself, "IS THIS GUY FOR REAL????"

My thought process for money seems to be the same.  It's in my wallet where apparently there are some germs present, obviously.  Then I, who also is in possession of said germs, hand it to someone who ALSO has germs.  Then they put it in their mostly likely germ infested money drawer.  Then the cycle continues when they use that money from my transaction to give the next person their change.

Some germs are good.  I will not live in fear!!!  No way, no sir, no how..... uh-uh....nope....

However, I will admit that I do like when my hands are clean.  There will be times when in particular places that all of a sudden my hand feel really heavy with a dirty film.  Like when riding the metro in Paris.  Yes, that is a good example indeed.... 

...get thee to the washery*! 

(*yes, my own made up word.  Do you know what Shakespearean play I am mildly referencing here?)

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  1. "Get thee to a nunnery!" (Hamlet)

    You'll have to try harder than that, Jessica! :)