Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Year...and a Couple of Days.

One year. It's hard to believe that it has been one year. Sunday was our anniversary and it was so much fun and we are STILL celebrating. Although, I must say that everyday is a celebration of our marriage!

In a year I have learned so much about my husband, so much about God, and so much about myself... and all of that points to how I relate with others. There have been lessons in giving and receiving grace... it seems as though receiving grace is much harder at times than giving it because I love Husband so very much. It makes me understand my relationship with God a bit more... and I laugh at just how stubborn we "sons of Adam" and "daughters of Eve" really are. I have never laughed as hard or as much as I have with him. For some of you that may be hard to believe because I like to laugh a lot. I have never been more aware of how the things that I say can hurt a person and never have I been as emotionally sensitive to someone as I am to him(as it should be!)

I once heard someone mention to another that they were giving up their single life to get married. My heart broke. God created marriage before the fall... it was not part of the curse. I think many hide behind Scripture to not pursue marriage (that's a whole other topic for another day) - they hide behind the pretense of being content in their singleness but inside they desperately want to be married. Anyway, I digress... I would "give up" my single life again and again to experience this life that I have with Husband. For me, it is a priceless upgrade. Married Life... I HIGHLY recommend it! ;)

The year has gone by so fast! Yet, it seems like Husband has known me all of my life. When I think about things it feels as though he has always been a part of my life... the reality is that he only entered my life in October of 2005! He is the greatest and my most cherished blessing. We have had a great time and look forward with eager anticipation of what the Lord will bring us in the coming years!

**The photo is of a stone that was placed in the "Legacy Walk" at the church where we were married. It was a gift from a dear sweet friend.


  1. Hooray for Matt and Jess! Oh yeah, I couldn't agree more about gladly giving up the single life. There's just far too much joy and fullness in life with Mark!

  2. Wow, a year already? Congratulations and may God continue to bless your marriage and lives! :o) Alane Abbett

  3. Are you back from celebrating yet?

  4. Hey friend! How was that trip to San Francisco? I am so glad that you and Matt have found happiness and continue to explore the depths of love, grace, and joy.

    Talk to you soon.