Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Down on the Farm

Wow... I had been doing so well to post on a regular basis. Then a couple of weeks ago (July 29th-ish) Husband and I came home from visiting family/friends in Fallon, Nevada and I got ridiculously sick! I was down for the count for the WHOLE week. Temperatures of 101 and I felt like my body was raging war against me... I guess it kind of was. Not a fun week to say the least. Husband was very kind and gentle to my frame as he took care of dinner responsibilities and made numerous trips to the marketplace for a sundry of things that I needed or wanted.

I will say, though, that we had great fun at the dairy farm. We played with all the new calves (who are quite the characters and love to suck on your fingers- Jersey cows are fun!), drank raw milk (which could have caused me to be sick but I don't think so with the time frame), had great fellowship, and just had an all around wonderful and relaxing time. It was my first time to Nevada and it was nice to say that it wasn't to the "strip" in Vegas. Although, we were intrigued by the lights as we flew through there. Fun times.

On top of being sick another dear friend, Virgina Bahnsen, passed into glory and I missed her memorial service because of my illness. I was able to read and listen to what people said of this lovely woman of the faith but it would have been nice if I had actually been able to make it. She loved my husband like one of her own children and it was a delight to get to know her and spend time with her over the last year. She will be missed.

The week after I was sick I felt like I was playing catch up to get our household back in order. It was crazy but it seemed like the better our house became the better I became. But I had to be careful not to wear myself down too terribly much. At some point Husband and I decided that we would go to New Mexico this past weekend to see my dad, go to a new church with him, and pick up our top layer of wedding cake so we can eat it on our first anniversary. Then during that trip we realized that the green chile season was starting in New Mexico so of course we wanted in on that action so we brought home just over three bushels of roasted green chile and have packed it all into our freezer which is a feat in and of itself! But we are quite content with our finds. Papa also let us raid his store of Oryx meat which is always a plus. Hopefully, he will fill his freezer again this hunting season with other yummy wild game.

Now, two girls that were in a bible study that I led (and one of them I actually discipled) at the University of New Mexico are here to visit for the week. Should be fun as we have all sorts of fun things planned. There is only so much that we can fit into one week.


  1. All I can say right now is...gross. :)

  2. mmmmm . . . New Mexican green chiles!!