Monday, March 19, 2007

Twenty-Eight and not holding

Well, it's been a fun weekend to say the least....

On Friday I turned 28! I love my birthday and I love other people's birthday's, too! My dad called early in the morning, I barely had rolled out of bed and Husband was in the shower... early. The day progressed with fun messages from people here on the site, Facebook, phone calls, and cards in the mail from a variety of fun people.

I was showered with some fun gifts from family in the form of a couple of gifts cards to J.Jill, a fun Kermit The Frog book, and a fun little cake from my neighbor.

In the evening, Husband took me to dinner at the Charthouse in Scottsdale. It was very lovely. There we had the wonderful salad, crab cakes, and delighted in the mud pie. There Husband gave me some very lovely gifts. I had been thinking about a new bible and Husband had picked up on that and purchased the Reformation Study Bible with my new married name printed on the front. Along with this practical gift came a lovely string of pearls. Ahhhh pearls... can make a fancy outfit complete and can make a casual outfit a little more dressy.

Saturday, we had lunch at Waffle House...a birthday wouldn't be complete without it!

We also planted our new little plants on Saturday... I think they like their new homes.

I had a great birthday... and cards are still coming in... so, I guess the party has been extended!

My birthdays tend to leave quite an impression (especially the last couple of years) but each one has been quite distinct and I love that they create a lasting memory for me.

More soon....


  1. What thoughtful gifts! I love that you went to Waffle House, ha! Seriously. It's worth the $ to fly here for Dunkin Donuts tomorrow. Come on down!!!! I'm desperate for munchkins. Love you!

  2. Sounds wonderful: Waffle House is nice too.