Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Time for Everything and Valentine's Day

Seriously... I just think that I am so funny because of the random things that happen to me.

For the first time EVER I locked my keys in my car after having a lovely lunch with my wonderful husband. I headed over to Home Depot to return some items and pick up paint samples for our accent wall (by the way paint is on sale this weekend! SCORE!) Only to have to call my husband and ask him to come unlock my car for me. Thankfully, Husband always carries my keys with him. Way to always be prepared, my love! The funny thing was that I noticed my keys locked in my car as soon as I closed the door. What a day.

As for Valentines day... Husband and I really celebrated a day early. It's great... no one goes out the night before and the resturants are EMPTY! Lovely. :) We enjoyed a most delightful dinner at the Compass Room that was reminicent of our time in Seattle for our honeymoon when we ate at the Space Needle. Gotta love the rotating views of beautiful cities!

Tonight we are going to make lasagna tonight (Husband's recipe is my favorite!) with salad and bread. We will probably rent a movie or something. Fun times at home.

More later... but funny things that should be shared with all.

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  1. Jess-
    You should see Madea's Family Reunion if you haven't already. The scene about 3 o'clock is the best! So how are you? Will you be in town for the Floyd/Roberts nuptuals? If so le tme know the dates you are in town. We will definitely have to hang out.