Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did Not Forget

No, I have not forgotten this blog exists.

However, I am trying to figure out how we are only about a week away from Thanksgiving.  However, I am not too overwhelmed by that because what I still need to pick up from the store is minimal.

I have made little progress on my freezer meal list and I think that I am just going to be okay with that.  I may have a few things that I want to work on and maybe I will bring in help for those things.  We will see.  I have two turkeys in the freezer right now and we will cook them up and bag the meat in December.  Seriously, I can't beat the price to not only feed my family for about .59/lb but then I can turkey stock and have that on hand in the future as well.  I am a bit bummed that prices are not as low as last year but in the grand scheme of things I cannot complain.

I have a TON of recipes to post.  Last week I used my slow cooker almost every day trying out new things to cook in there.  Some are total winners and some... well, were major flops in my book...but my husband is ever the encouragement and eats it and even is willing to take it to work for lunch.  I am debating about putting the "flops" on the blog.  Although, I saw someone do that and kind of liked that I saw that not all things are yummy or come out the way we want them... and the pizza delivery at the last moment can be and is a reality in some homes with littles 'round the table.

With all that said, I have just been tired and working on some other things.  Also, I have been gimping around as my hips have been bothering me more in this pregnancy than the previous two.  Yesterday, I had a ton of energy and got some things done only to realize I over did it by the time it came to dinner.  To be honest, I have also just wanted to veg out by the time the girls go to bed.  I will try to be more productive in the coming days.  HA!

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