Monday, September 19, 2011

Bright Spots

A friend cleaning off Miss A's baptism certificate and Miss L making the connection of baptism and Jesus.

Miss L always asking if we are going to church and then being disappointed if that is not the end destination.  She's in the service with us so it's not like she is looking forward to toys in the nursery, etc.  She's met the pastor's daughter but they haven't had a lot of interaction.  We think she just loves Jesus :)

Miss L going up front in church on her own for instruction on different parts of the service.  She was so excited and she did SO well.

Miss L and Miss A splashing in the kiddie pool and not caring that it is 107 degrees outside.  Although, mama feels every degree of that!

*These are from several weeks back and I apparently forgot to publish them.  I guess better late than never.


  1. Special moments. And, yes, "better late than never" applies - especially anytime your darling daughters are involved.

  2. I love it when the little ones love going to church, and no it's not because of the nursery toys. :-)