Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Girls, Two Rooms

One of my sweet friends asked me to blog about my final decisions to put Miss L and Miss A in their own rooms for the time being.  So, here's a bit of my thought process and those with other experience can share, too.

The reality is that Miss A probably will not go into her own room for at least a month or so after we come home.  Mostly for my own sanity she will be in our room.  Hopefully, she will "probably" be sleeping through longer stretches of the night by then, too.  It will really come down to how long she is actually sleeping through the night, if I am getting much sleep while she moves and coos, and ultimately if she keeps Husband up at all during the night.  He has to function at work, you know.  He doesn't have the option to stay in PJ's or have Grandma come help him, or take a nap at work.

When we do move her we realize there may be several trips in during the night to check on her, feed her, or any number of other things.  Knowing that, we also want to preserve Miss L's sleep schedule.  Sometimes she is totally "out" if we walk into her room at night.  Other times she will wake up right away as soon as the door knob turns.  We are not sure how sensitive she will be to Miss A crying so some of this is based on unknowns that could surprise us when Miss A does come on scene.

So, with that we decided to keep them in separate rooms until they are basically on the same sleep schedule which could be when Miss A is about 18 months old.  It's not very long in the grand scheme of things.  Husband likes the idea of our kids having their own rooms -- he and his brother always had their own rooms.  This is fine if the Lord should decide that we are done at two.  However, should there be more... :)

Even if the Lord says, "two is it" we may still move them into a room together.  They are so very close in age that it wouldn't make that big of a deal.  Then we can reclaim our guest bedroom.  Granted, we don't have a ton of visitors as most of our family lives nearby now.  However, it's nice to have the option.  We do have plenty of floor space and air mattresses are always an option.  We can also create a makeshift guest room if need be in our office or in Miss A's room by moving the girls together (or Miss A to our room) for a temporary fix.  Options...always options.

We will move the crib to Miss A's room this weekend.  I am on the search for a changing table and will make that a one-stop-shop for changing both girls.  Seems easier to have it in Miss A's room at this point in time.

Okay, there you have my pretty simple thought process.  I know quite a few others have put their kiddos together from fairly young ages.  I would love to hear especially the how's and why's.  Usually the "why" is because...well... that's the only option really.


  1. Jess, I think you're totally wise. And let me say, while my sister and I fought when we were younger (probably partially because we're 9 years apart) we are now closer than ever. I KNOW that's because we've shared a room for pretty much her whole life, which has always meant "pillow talk" and late night laughs :)

  2. And how did you get your blog so CUTE???

  3. You're kidding! Let sleeping toddlers sleep while baby is tended to from elsewhere if you have a choice. Not quite seeing the sanity of Mom in the lets-all-wake-each-other-up line of thought. My youngest had a crib in the guest room until she was several months old - no redecorating, no nothing, easy transition into her sister's room.

  4. Oh... and thanks Stef (you know, someone who has lived the sister sharing a room life. But I think you really like it now) ;)

  5. Q - we are not fully redecorating but moving things around for now. But we did wrap up our bed and stored it. So, we will see how it all goes. :)

    Cute blog = Picture emplate with some random photo I found in the suggestions area. It's probably more detailed but all through the blogger options and no third party.

  6. I think your plan sounds great. N was in our room for 18 mo (would have been much less had he been healthy)... N slept in S's room for his morning nap and they slept in there together for afternoon nap- S begged me. He was overjoyed when they shared a room for good. My fav part is hearing them talk and laugh every night and every morning when they wake up. They're the best of buds and I decorated my guest room all girly- HA!

  7. I am a very huge fan of sharing rooms -- I think you definitely create more of a closeness that way, while also creating lessons in sharing and not growing entitled children up. :) My mom and I were actually just talking about this a couple of weeks ago when she was down and she shared that the instant my grandparents moved to a bigger house and moved the two girls into their own rooms the dynamics of the entire family changed and it was never the same after that. Everyone went their own way and did their own thing and it made things a lot more tense. As long as our kids fit in one room -- that is where they will be and hopefully if our next one has the same tendencies as Miss J, it will only take about 3 months to get on the same routine for sleep. :)

  8. I think sharing could be fun for sure. I think in the right times for each family.

    I think that the sleep issue is a valid one for sure. It's just that Miss L only takes one nap and sleeps 12 hours at night. So, to be on that schedule will take some time again. However, if we see an overlap happening soon then we will go with it. :)

    Thanks for all the input, friends!