Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coffee Memories


It's a strange thing wanting coffee each morning.  I used to only drink it on the weekends.  Now it seems like an essential to start the day.  Such is life.  Needless to say, I was bummed when the bottom of my coffee mug peeked through.  I was tempted for a second cup!

This morning I was faced with the desire for a good cup of coffee.  Husband was already gone for the morning, he makes the best cup of coffee for me, so I thought about my options.  I didn't want to brew a whole pot because I usually only drink one cup anyway.  So, I remembered my handy little french press.  Glory!  I boiled the water, ground some coffee, and made the rest of my breakfast.  The end result was a nice cup of strong coffee sweetened to my liking with some half & half.  Lovely.

Whenever I bring out my little french press coffee pot I cannot help but reminisce on the summer of 2004.  I made my way across the country to Ocean City, NJ on a summer mission assignment.  My roommate, Shanda, always made coffee in a french press.  I don't remember when it happened but she then started making me a cup of coffee each morning on the way to staff meetings.  How it ministered to my heart!  There were a few mornings when I had coffee ready for her after she taught me the art of french press.  Ahh... sweet times.  I love that simple things bring back such lovely and fond memories of times spent with a sister in Christ and remembering how even simple things can mean so very much and stay with a person for a lifetime.


  1. The sentence missing in between these two sentences (I used to only drink it on the weekends. Now it seems like an essential to start the day), is:
    ...and then I had a baby!

  2. I LOVE my french press. If you like espresso, I highly recommend a stovetop espresso maker. Heaven. Never was a big coffee drinker until I went to Italy the first time - then I was an addict. Digestion issues preclude me from partaking these days. But sometimes I do it anyway - comes at a high price but oh so yummy :-). BTW, did you take that pic? If so well done...lovely composition!

  3. Oh yes, that would be a good point... ha ha ha!!

  4. We have a stove top something... we just haven't used it. Hummm... I think it's a cappuccino maker. However, I do understand "paying the price" at some level for something yummy. Oh, the torture that we put ourselves through!

    Unfortunately, I didn't take that photo. I found it on a coffee website. I forgot to put the credit for it so I need to find it again. I wish that I had taken it, though! I like to dink with my camera for sure. I don't think that I am as well versed in photography as you are. Your camera made me drool when I saw it at Tonya's shower... "do not covet, do not covet" HA HA HA HA!!

  5. Ah...if only I had something that drooled (i.e. a baby) I wouldn't have such nice equipment. But alas. But there is a secret method in my madness in amassing such lovely stuff. I'm studying to be a photographer. Yup within 2 years, no more amex and I'll do photography part time. Hopefully there will be something that drools in 2 years or soo as well. But maybe not. We'll just have to see :-)! but ssshhhh...it's a secret ;-).

  6. I love the "secret" is posted here in cyberspace. I hope for sooner in the catergory of "something that drools." ;)

    I LOVE that you will be doing photography part-time! Will you do portraits and other fun stuff? If you need another little model to practice on, we are free ;) hee hee!

  7. I just might need models a little later this summer. I'm booked up in June with shootings ("booked up" being used lightly as while still working at Amex I can only handle 2-3 sessions a month). So maybe later in July? And yeah...I'm not too good at keeping my own secrets :-)!