Thursday, September 20, 2007

Caribbean Carnival (for your mouth!)

Now, I don't normally get really excited about a particular meal that I am about to make. I really like cooking but it's been awhile since I have been, " I am SO excited to see how this comes out!"

Well, this would be one of those times. I found a recipe that looked really yummy and would challenge me in how I put flavors together and even in the things that I would opt to eat. This was SO good!! The balance of tangy, spicy, sweet, and everything... just melded together quite nicely! On top of it all, it's a pretty healthy meal option. I think that it may become a fast favorite in our home. It was a little random that I had some of the more obscure ingredients on hand. I think that is what drew me to the recipe in the first place. The original recipe called for it to be served with pearl barley prepared in a vegetable broth. However, I did not have that on hand and we really love couscous (so good they had to name it twice!) so that is what we served along side this yummy dish. I found the recipe in a book called "Eating for Life." It has been a source for many a meal over the last several years and I just opted to get it back out a couple of weeks ago. We really have enjoyed the recipes from this book.

Well, I haven't quite figured out how to add a .PDF link to the website yet. So, if you would like the recipe you will have to e-mail me for it or leave a message here requesting it (you'll need to leave your e-mail not in the message itself but you'll see a place for it) and then I will send it off to you!

Happy eating... and joyful cooking to you all! :) (I am a nerd...)


  1. Alane in New EnglandSeptember 21, 2007 at 5:22 PM

    Hey, I've seen this recipe at my house, the carribean pork tenderloin from the Eating for Life book, right? This is one of our favorite meals....even the boys love it. So, when you and Matt come out east visiting, I'll cook up a whole pile of this and we'll enjoy a wonderful meal. (Did you catch the come-and-visit hint :o) )
    Blessings, Alane

  2. Mark loves pork tenderloin so you'll have to email me the recipe! Although I think I'd like the pearl barley better than the couscous... it's a texture thing ;) Lovely presentation!