Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heat Restored

Just a little update...

We do in fact now have heat in our house. Thanks to many of you for asking!

We had no heat for one night and our house dropped down to about 59 degree and the next morning we had on all the lights trying to warm it up a bit. Husband worked from home so he could take care of things with the gas people and I ran around the house trying to get all of our Christmas decorations away for the next 10 months or so (nutty!) Oddly enough, the gas people never stopped by our house! We realized they had restored everything to our neighbors house so we opted to light our pilot lights ourselves. So, about 2:00 PM on Tuesday there was heat radiating through our home and my hands started to defrost.


So, there you have that update...

In other news we will be heading to Austin around March 31 for my sweet friend Amanda's wedding. FUN! In other travels, it's official, we will be heading to Ireland in April for about 9 days. We are super excited for the upcoming adventure... Ireland we are coming "home!" (Our last name is an Irish name and I am Scotch-Irish, my original last name was McIntosh and my ancestors changed it when they came here for a variety of reasons to Tash)

We have been listening to the speakers from the Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference (that was held Jan 8-10) and the theme was the "Great Commission." They are quite interesting and have caused some fun discussion between Husband and I. We can't wait to listen to more... We have only heard the first three... more to come!

until next time...

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  1. How funny. I was planning on taking a 7 day cruise to Ireland in August but then the trip was booked. So in June I am going to Prague.
    Friend, I am now watching American Idol. Thanks to your schoolgirl crush of one Mr. Taylor Hicks. and because I hope to compete on next seasons round. What are your thoughts? Would you vote for the chacha?