Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hanging out in the 505

For those that don't know... the "505" refers to New Mexico. We have one area code and pretty proud of it as it seems to mark us. Which makes it slightly funny that people here are in an uproar about the upcoming addition of new area codes. When that exactly happens, I am not sure, but even I am a little sad about it. But that's what happens with growth... we experience some sort of growing pains.

So, I have returned to my home town of Los Lunas, NM (just south of Albuquerque) for a variety of reasons. One of the girls that I mentored/discipled at the University of New Mexico is graduating. I get to spend some sweet time with her and her family (flying in from West Virginia) this week. I have known Lauren since she was a "wee" little freshman and now she is blossomed into a beautiful woman who continues to live faithfully in the promises and teaching of our Lord Jesus. Another reason to return to L-town is to pick up all of my Christmas decorations that have been held "hostage" in a POD storage unit after my dad began his moving process two years ago (and the year before, after the death of a family member, we decided not to put up all the decorations). To say the least I am pretty stoked to dive into all the fun memories! I also am visiting with many fun friends (home from Iraq and friends who just want to hang out) and will try to get our wedding album processed. Oh for JOY!

In it all I am still a little sad... My sweet husband is at home while I am here. We just value him taking time off at Christmas rather than be here on this whirlwind excursion. It's hard being apart after almost 4 months of being married. We laughed because this week reminds us a little of our dating relationship. Long conversations on the phone and missing each other. It's crazy to think that we went from phone conversations to living together everyday as a married couple and the separation now is brutal. I never thought that it would be so hard, but it is. I cried as we said good-bye in front of our home. But sweet joy on Friday when I return and we get to celebrate Advent with our church family that evening. Fun things to look ahead!

More on my adventures and musings later.....

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  1. Well, lookie here. :-)

    I was just checking the statistics and external links to the ECC website and saw this blog with a familiar name. I'll have to add this one to my RSS reader now.

    Have fun in the 505. I've been there on business several times, but that was just Albuquerque.